We asked Maxime Petitjean to tell us more about the opening of the new Pharma crossdock, and of course he obliged immediately.

Could you briefly explain what this new crossdock is, and what will happen here?

“The crossdock is a crucial hub in our LTL network. LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipments are freights that don’t fill a truck completely. Logically, as a logistics service provider, we want to combine multiple LTLs to make the best use of our transport capacity as much as possible. That’s why we use a crossdock.

Furthermore, the crossdock is used for transferring FTL (Full Truckload) shipments. This happens when a full load needs to change transport equipment because it will be transported in another way (by land, sea or air).

The new Pharma Crossdock is a state-of-the-art BREEAM-certified building of 15,000m² with a fixed temperature of 20°, and it’s also equipped with a refrigerated area with a temperature between 2° and 8°. This site has a wind turbine, and there are solar panels on the roof.”

How does this opening fit into H.Essers’ pharma strategy?

“With this new crossdock we want to continue growing in the LTL segment, which is part of the Pharma Business Unit’s strategy. Its location, close to our own train terminal, also gives us the opportunity to further exploit synchromodality in Pharma Transport.

Because of the extra space, we can now think about offering VAS (Value Added Services) to our customers too. Think heating blankets or temperature loggers, for example. But, of course, the focus of the Business Unit remains effective transport, and the crossdock plays an important role in that.

In addition, the Pharma Business Unit obviously cannot continue growing without recruiting, but also retaining, the right people. The beautiful office spaces and pleasant areas for relaxation should contribute to a truly happy workplace.”

How many people will work there?

“All employees of the Pharma Transport Business Unit have moved with us to the new site. We are talking about around 150 white-collar colleagues and 35 operators.”

What are the steps following this opening?

“The move has been ongoing since Sept. 12 and for several weeks now everyone and everything has been settling on the new site. Now, obviously, it’s a matter of fulfilling the strategy both commercially and operationally. Betting on a European LTL network with synchromodality, in which this new site has a central role.”