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Where lifelong learning takes center stage

H.Essers Academy is our in-house training center for logistics theory and practical training where everyone can go to develop as a professional.

On-site learning in Genk-Zuid

At H.Essers Academy, you will join a learning culture where you will be given time to learn all the tricks of the trade. To have enough space for all practical and theoretical training for workers and employees, we put part of our site in Genk-Zuid at the disposal of H.Essers Academy. This involves 5,500m2 of warehouse space, well-equipped training rooms for learning new skills and an outdoor area that can be used by truck drivers for training maneuvers. This way, there is a specifically equipped environment for each profile that makes learning as easy as possible.

Training from a to z

Warehouse workers

Our coaches, all of whom have years of practical experience, will prepare you for a job as a warehouseman in just a few weeks. As a warehouse worker-in-waiting, for example, the first week you receive a thorough orderpicker training. Once this is completed, you will immediately start working on the shop floor, or follow additional training as a forklift or reach truck driver.

Truck drivers

At the Academy, you can receive general driving training to become a truck driver, and you can also obtain your C and CE driver’s license. Experienced truck drivers can also take the Code 95 course. This is a mandatory refresher course that truck drivers must take every 5 years. Topics covered include economical and efficient driving, load safety, driving and rest periods, ambassadorship, maneuvers and blind spot adjustment. This is how we guarantee the quality of the drivers.

White-collar workers

H.Essers Academy is also open to white-collar workers. These are courses that focus on self-development, sharpening certain soft skills, learning how to use a computer program, or leadership programs for those moving up to a management position.

Opportunities for everyone

Diversity is also an important pillar within H.Essers. Currently, we already have 51 different nationalities in our company, and there may be more in the future. To enable all employees to work together optimally, H.Essers Academy offers Dutch classes for non-native speakers. In this way, our company is committed to inclusive employment and reducing the distance to the labor market for newcomers.

With a complete range of training courses and attention to diversity and development, we want to help motivated candidates find valuable jobs with prospects and support existing employees in their growth as professionals. This way, we contribute to the development of our sector and employment in general.


Are you a motivated candidate and do you want to engage in lifelong learning and develop your full potential? Then H.Essers Academy is the place to be for you. Check out all our vacancies, and become a member of the H.Essers family!

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