H.Essers provides a fertile ground for career growth within an ever-expanding family. If you’re eager to learn and develop yourself, you’ll certainly find opportunities with us. That’s what Doina did. After her experiences as a pharmacist and a hostess, she wanted to give her career a new impulse. When she found H.Essers in Moldova, she was able to do just that, and grow in her new role. Now her career has taken her to Romania.

What made you apply with us?
Doina: “I graduated as a pharmacist and worked as one too. Would you believe that? Afterwards I went to Qatar to work as a hostess, before returning home. At that point I was looking for a job in a stable environment. That’s when I applied with H.Essers. After the interviews, I was confident I had made the right choice: this was a company that offered serious possibilities for career development.”

What has your H.Essers career path looked like up until now?
Doina: “I started as an Assistant Manager in December 2019. This role helped me develop a wide range of skills, of which communication and time management were definitely the most important. These skills will be useful during my whole career.

In August 2020 I got the opportunity to take a role in HR as Staff & Project Manager. Keep in mind that this was during Covid, so onboarding and handover were all done online via Skype. In this role I developed the onboarding process, retention and recruitment strategies … and found that flexibility, adaptability and multitasking are crucial when managing projects. I felt really good in this role and felt like I was developing fast, also thanks to the great team around me.

In June 2021 I was promoted to the role of HR Business Partner with direct reporting into HR Corporate in Belgium. This role gave me a deep understanding of our organization’s operations, goals, challenges, and the role of HR in the bigger picture. It helped me build relationships with all stakeholders – managers and employees alike – and learn how to effectively collaborate with various teams an aligning our goals.

As of January 2024 I took a new step in my career at H.Essers: on my initiative I was transferred to H.Essers Oradea as an HR Business Partner, I am still in the process of discovering what Transportation and Warehousing really entail. The scope is much bigger than many people think. Now I’m very happy where I am and planning on growing in my current role!”

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who wants to grow within our company as well?
Doina: “Set clear goals, communicate them clearly, and dare to ask for guidance from your manager. In addition to that, it’s important to be reliable to your co-workers and consistently deliver on everything that you do. On the other hand, recognize that building a career often takes patience and perseverance. Staying focused on your goals and maintaining a positive attitude will help you cross that bridge.