Our employees jump on their bikes for a real Tour-challenge

15 September 2020 - 16:41

At the beginning of 2019, H.Essers, together with coaching company Energy Lab, launched the large-scale
Fit2Grow health programme. The aim of Fit2Grow is to motivate employees to
working individually or together with colleagues on their health and mental well-being. They do this by
through various fun challenges. These encourage all employees to exercise more
and eat more consciously. There is a nice price attached to each challenge. This month the H.Essers
employees together with the cyclists of the Tour de France on the bike for their own ‘Tour

At H.Essers, the employee is central. “We invest not only in the future of the company but also in the future.
also in the future and the well-being of our employees. An employee who feels good about himself, delivers
Also better work.”, says Gert Bervoets.

About a year and a half after its launch, the Fit2Grow health programme is more alive than ever.
within H.Essers. The platform now has 1,168 participants spread across the various
international offices. After the many successful challenges in 2019 including the step-by-step or
The icing on the cake was the Port of Antwerp Triathlon Festival. No less than 132 H.Essers
Workers were at the starting line of this quarter triathlon. On top of that, they could count
on the support of more than 300 H.Essers supporters.

Many sporting challenges are also planned for 2020. “Although, due to the Corona crisis, we are
Fit2Grow has certainly not stood still. On the contrary, we have
seized the opportunity to offer workers additional challenges. For example, we have helped them through the insecure
This is a time of tips and tricks about teleworking and the importance of sports for our immune system”,
Hilde Essers explains.

On Saturday, 29 August, at the same time as the start of the Tour de France, H.Essers employees
started a real Tour-challenge.

Every kilometre counts in this team challenge

The Tour-challenge is a 21-day cycling adventure. The participants cycle in teams of maximum
15 people after the daily stages of the Tour de France. The big advantage of this challenge is that
the participants do not have to be fervent amateur cyclists to take up the challenge. It plays
It does not matter how these kilometres are made. During the commute, while the participant
shopping or with a solid cycling or spinning training, everyone can take part on his or her own
rhythm. At the end of the day, each team has to calculate the number of kilometres of the respective stage.
have completed.


Win multiple unique prizes

The team that completes all the stages correctly and answers the classification question correctly, wins for each member
A unique collector’s item: a hand-painted miniature cyclist in H.Essers livery.
In addition to the general goal to complete each stage, there will also be an individual classification
passed on. The participants with the most kilometres, the most altimeters or the most
Promising young people also win prizes. They get a white, yellow or dotted jumper from H.Essers!