Lukasz builds his H.Essers career in Denmark

H.Essers provides a fertile ground for career growth within an ever-expanding family. Thanks to our training programs and a constant flow of new projects for our customers, opportunities abound. You’re in the driver’s seat and can steer your logistics career any direction you choose. That is what Lukasz Jarzyna quickly realized when he first set foot in our warehousing site in Taastrup, Denmark.

Lukasz Jarzyna began his journey with H.Essers as a temporary worker in 2010. “Afterwards, I was offered a full-time contract. I then progressed to team leader for the afternoon shift, and later moved into an administrative role in the office. Since March 2017, I have been working as warehouse manager,” Lukasz shares. “I learned everything from my colleagues and superiors. The many talented people at work here provided me with the ideal occasion to enhance my skills.”

The Taastrup warehouse team mainly manages the storage and handling of chemical goods for Ecolab, as well as electronics. “Safety is our top priority, and I’m proud to say that we haven’t had any accidents in the past 4 years. In fact, I can’t recall any serious incidents in the 13 years I’ve been here,” notes Lukasz.

A warm atmosphere
As warehouse manager, Lukasz leads a team of about 15 colleagues in the warehouse and 3 in the office. “It’s a small team, but we put a smile on each other’s faces every day. Some colleagues even continue to work here after reaching their retirement age because of the good atmosphere. You could say we’re really living up to H.Essers’ core value of positivism.”

“I too appreciate the atmosphere and the challenges that make every day interesting. We have strong partnerships with our customers, which makes it a joy to come to work every morning. The international nature of the company is also something I value. I’ve been to Belgium a few times and have learned a lot from my colleagues over there,” he continues.

Room to grow
What Lukasz likes most, however, are the opportunities to advance one’s career. “H.Essers gave me the chance to start from the ground up in the warehouse and to gain the experience and knowledge to work my way up. The company rewards your entrepreneurial spirit: if you have ideas or if you want to take a next step, there’s always someone ready to support you. I am a living example of that.”

New warehouse in Denmark
This year brings a new and exciting challenge for Lukasz and our Danish team: the construction of a new warehouse in Ringstedt, where his operations will relocate. “This project opens up a new world of possibilities to expand our activities in Denmark and Scandinavia at large. And who knows, this might entail yet other opportunities for me to grow within the company. I’m looking forward to what the future brings.”

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