Garage & Fleet

Find your dream job at H.Essers

Our mechanics and fleet employees keep our wheels turning

With a fleet of around 1500 trucks, it’s no wonder that this department is constantly in motion. It’s essential that the fleet is thoroughly and swiftly maintained and repaired if we are to provide our customers with the best service each day. Our fleet employees handle the administrative preparations for our trucks and ensure that our drivers can head out on the roads with safe and well-maintained equipment.

Passionate about vehicles and can’t wait to get to work? We want you to join us in the garage. Prefer the planning and organisation side of things? Your talents will be appreciated in this dynamic department. 

Current vacancies


Training in the latest technologies

Working at H.Essers means working with your own equipment according to the latest developments. We make sure that you stay up to date on the modernisation of our fleet.

Work-life balance

Your passion and drive are invaluable in an ambitious organisation like ours.  As a family business, we also care about your private life and make sure that you have a good balance.

Close-knit team

You are not just a number here. In each department, you will be assigned to a team where you are encouraged to ask questions, can achieve (and celebrate) results and be appreciated.

Current vacancies