Brand-new quality label for H.Essers Academy


Recently, H.Essers Academy obtained the internationally recognized quality label from Qfor. Qfor is an independent body that provides quality recognition for driver and warehouse training. One and a half years after opening, our internal training center has achieved a fantastic milestone that proves we are on the right path. Caroline Creemers, Manager Learning & Coaching, explains more.

What exactly does this label mean?
Caroline: “Well, one of the pillars of H.Essers Academy is “qualified learning.” The Qfor label is a recognition of the quality of the training we offer in the Academy. This recognition follows a thorough screening of all training courses, processes, and administration. Thus, this milestone fits exactly into the strategy of H.Essers Academy to focus on quality. We are therefore very proud of achieving it, and would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible.”

Why was achieving the label so important?
Caroline: “Thanks to the label, H.Essers Academy is now an official training body. In this way, among other things, we show our customers that we are committed to quality, and that our employees receive valuable and effective training. Moreover, it also provides additional opportunities in terms of subsidies that make necessary investments possible. In addition, Qfor awarded us the label for the maximum period of three years. This will be followed by a re-evaluation: an additional incentive for us to continuously evaluate and improve our processes and practices to ensure quality in the long term.”

Can the label open new doors?
Caroline: “That is certainly possible. We are currently very satisfied with the development of H.Essers Academy, but of course we are already looking beyond that. For now, we are only training our own colleagues, and we are convinced that our coaches have the expertise and knowledge to prepare external people for the logistics world as well. I do not rule out the possibility that in the future we will also open the doors of the Academy to the wider public. It would be in keeping with H.Essers’ vision to be a pioneer in the logistics sector.”