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H.Essers is an international and reliable player in the logistics sector, but above all a family business that has offered jobs and job security since 1928. Our 7500 colleagues are ambitious people who dare to do business, are ready to seize opportunities and make a difference every day with simplicity. This enables us as a company to invest continuously in growth with a positive outlook on the future. Our people are our engine. We take care of their personal and professional development, provide them with modern equipment and pay attention to the work-life balance. Yes, our 7500 colleagues know why they choose H.Essers. We hope you will soon understand why! We are looking for a Professional Planning.


YOU make sure that everything runs smoothly.

  • Ensuring proper and organized communication between planning and the drivers is your daily challenge.
  • You will make sure that our goods reach their destination exactly on time by sending instructions and planning, that you receive from our colleagues, to the drivers.
  • As an accomplished coordinator, you will be assisting drivers with delivery / refueling / resting locations, and so on.
  • Follow up on the progress of the trip and sending up to date information to planning and customer service.
  • Finally, you are responsible for correct administrative handling.


Your communicating skills and solution-oriented way of acting ensure efficient transport. As a key figure in this process, you come forward when the situation demands it and maximize the driving hours by ensuring an effective and efficient working schedule for the drivers. Despite your excellent coordinating and organizational skills, the situation may turn upside down more than once by unforeseen circumstances that come up on the road. However, you always know how to keep your cool and make the best of any situation. By means of powerful and clear communication, you succeed in motivating the drivers and are responsible for their good state of mind.  



At H.Essers you will find yourself in a family environment with a good work-life balance and you can count on a hands-on mentality, where you can learn from your mistakes. You will have the opportunity to be part of a top team that is ready to help you find constructive solutions. In short, a challenging position, surrounded by a team of professionals, in an international environment.



89 sites in 19 countries, 7500 employees, one million square meters of warehouse, 1,440 trucks and 1,800 ISO tanks. Yes, H.Essers is a major logistics service provider and an established value for our strategic customer segments Pharma, Chemicals, Infra and Parts. As an asset-based family business we can guarantee short decision lines so you can respond quickly. This offers you the necessary guarantee for a perfect service to your customers. The ideal combination for satisfied customers and employees so that they too can grow in their job!

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