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The interests of our customers are guaranteed by your professional relationship management.



H.Essers is an international and reliable player in the logistics sector, but above all a family business that has offered jobs and job security since 1928. Our 6560 colleagues are ambitious people who dare to do business, are ready to seize opportunities and make a difference every day with simplicity. This enables us as a company to invest continuously in growth with a positive outlook on the future. Our people are our engine. We take care of their personal and professional development, provide them with modern equipment and pay attention to the work-life balance. Yes, our 6560 colleagues know why they choose H.Essers.

We hope you will soon understand why! We are looking for an experienced  Key Accountmanager Pharma



The Pharma Key Account Manager’s goal is to “maintain as well as generate additional” turnover.
However, in this role, you bear even more responsibility and are dedicated to your customers.

What do you do exactly?

  • You are expected to think along with the customer on a strategic level.
  • Based on your strong and extensive market and product knowledge, you act as a professional and valuable discussion partner. In this way, you contribute (pro)actively to the realisation of the customer’s objectives.
  • To ensure that your knowledge remains up to date, it is of course essential that you closely follow the developments within the customer’s work area.
  • Together with the client, KPIs are drawn up according to the agreed conditions. You take the initiative to improve these KPIs and discuss them with the internal stakeholders in order to optimise the conditions for the customer.



As Key Accountmanager, your out-of-the-box mentality responds to the needs of customers, while committing to trust and engagement. Translating the principle of ‘customer is king‘ into practice is obvious to you, which means that you know how to service the customer like no other and ensure that the relationship remains optimal and healthy. Through your strong empathic and contact skills you know how to create a strong relational bond with the customer. With the combination of analytical skills and expertise in transport, you know how to go the extra mile for your client and proactively stimulate their growth.



 We offer you the opportunity to drive our (inter)national expansion together with your international team. Ample autonomy, combined with our own assets will allow you to distinguish not only the organization, but also yourself. You will be close to our operations and senior management, so your opinion will be quickly acted upon. 



77 branches in 19 countries, 6,560 employees, one million square meters of warehouse, 1,475 trucks and 2,000 ISO tanks. Yes, H.Essers is a major logistics service provider and an established value for our strategic customer segments Pharma, Chemicals, Infra and Parts. As an international asset-based family business, we can guarantee short decision lines that allow you to react quickly with your own assets. This offers you the necessary guarantee for a perfect service to your customers. It is the ideal combination for both satisfied customers as well as employees!

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