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The support and refuge for our drivers.





H.Essers is an international and reliable player in the logistics sector, but above all a family business that has offered jobs and job security since 1928. Our 6,560 colleagues are ambitious people who dare to do business, are ready to seize opportunities and make a difference every day with simplicity. This enables us as a company to invest continuously in growth with a positive outlook on the future. Our people are our engine. We take care of their personal and professional development, provide them with modern equipment and pay attention to the work-life balance. Yes, our 6,560 colleagues know why they choose H.Essers.
We hope you will soon understand why! We are looking for a Driver mentor.



Drivers are the engine of our organisation. Thanks to the professional guidance of our driver mentors, everything runs smoothly. In this role, you act as a connecting link between our transport operations and the drivers. What does this mean concretely?

  • Our drivers deserve the absolute best training and guidance, which is something YOU take care of! You do this by training our drivers so that their expertise as well as their efficient use of the vehicles is always guaranteed.
  • You are not only responsible for supervising and supporting the drivers, but also for guiding them to ensure the smooth running of the activities. How exactly do you do this? Thanks to a daily follow-up, you respond to the drivers and know how to steer them. In addition, you also conduct accident interviews with a view to prevention.
  • Finally, you act as a problem solver to ensure the continuity of the activities.



As a driver mentor, you not only have a sympathetic ear, but you also dare to add the finishing touches where necessary, but you do this with respect for everyone. Because of your didactic skills, you will be able, like no other, to introduce drivers to new transport development/regulations. In addition, you know how to turn every problem into an opportunity to make things run better and more efficiently. You demonstrate a great solution-oriented approach in which you have an eye for both the person and the cost-saving aspect.



You will be part of an experienced and close-knit team, so you will always receive the necessary support, and in turn offer it to your drivers. YOU can help shape the drivers of the future by focusing on safety, training and quality. To guarantee the highest possible safety level in our company, you have the opportunity to put your best efforts into a unique project, which has an impact on our entire international transport organization.




89 branches in 19 countries, 6,960 employees, one million square meters of warehouse, 1,475 trucks and 1,800 ISO tanks. Yes, H.Essers is a major logistics service provider and an established value for our strategic customer segments Pharma, Chemicals, Infra and Parts. We have been providing reliable employment for years, giving everyone within the company a chance to grow while working on a strong safety culture.

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