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The operational force behind our expeditions.


H.Essers is an international and reliable player in the logistics sector, but above all a family business that has offered jobs and job security since 1928. Our 7500 employees are ambitious people who dare to do business, are ready to seize opportunities and make a difference every day with simplicity. This enables us as a company to continuously invest in growth with a positive view of the future. Our people are our engine. We take care of their personal and professional development, provide them with contemporary work materials and pay attention to work-life balance. Yes, our 7500 employees know why they choose H.Essers. We hope you will soon understand why! We are looking for a Professional Order Entry.


As an Professional Order Entry, you are a strong administrative point who ensures that our customers’ goods are transported in the fastest and most efficient way. How do you do that exactly?

  • Essentially, you take care of the correct creation of incoming orders in our system, taking in consideration the specific rules for each customer and also general rules, making sure the orders are processed within deadlines.
  • Setting the correct temperature range for the transport orders, corresponding to the clients request or to the seasonal guidelines.
  • Respecting the set procedures for each customer.
  • Taking into consideration lead-time for each destination.
  • Amending or canceling orders according to the latest update received
  • Keep in touch with planning department for assuring correct order creation and or planning.


As an Professional Order Entry, you are our customers’ first point of contact concerning their goods flow. You know how to look after their shipments like no other. You demonstrate a hands-on mentality in which accuracy, customer service and team focus are of paramount importance. Thanks to your smooth and connecting way of communicating, everyone is well informed and advised about your current files. Since you deal with international customers, you can easily speak to them in English.


We offer you the opportunity to help write our international success story from the front row. Our family culture guarantees a high level of commitment and collegiality. You will be part of an experienced and close-knit team, so you will always receive the necessary support. Within our Order Entry department, no two days are the same! This provides the necessary variety. Finally, we always want to provide our customers with the best service so that every improvement suggestion is always considered. You will be given the opportunity to develop further into an expert in your field.


89 branches in 19 countries, 7500 employees, one million square meters of warehouse, 1,475 trucks and 2,000 ISO tanks. Yes, H.Essers is a major logistics service provider and an established value for our strategic customer segments Pharma, Chemicals, Infra and Parts. As an asset-based family business, we can guarantee short decision lines that allow you to react quickly. This offers you the necessary guarantee for a perfect service to your customers. It is the ideal combination for both satisfied customers as well as employees!

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